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Welcome! I'm Alexa Griffith, a Senior Software Engineer passionate about crafting solutions at the intersection of Data Science and Software Development. Currently, I'm at Bloomberg, working on their Data Science Platform's Inference team. My main gig involves building a platform that lets data scientists put their models into action, making predictions in real-world scenarios.

My journey in technology began after graduating with honors in Chemistry and a minor in Spanish from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in May 2019. During my time at UTK, I delved into cutting-edge research in computational chemistry and gained invaluable experience through internships at Oak Ridge National Lab, setting a solid foundation for my future endeavors.

I kicked things off as a Software Engineer at Bluecore in NYC for about 2.5 years. My stint there was a rollercoaster, starting with helping data scientists run their models and keeping our recommendation systems in top shape. Later, I jumped into a new Analytics Infrastructure team, where I built a cool Go API on Kubernetes and sorted out some tricky authentication puzzles for our microservices. Also, did a bit of tinkering with our streaming platform.

My tech toolbox includes KServe, Airflow, Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Golang, Python, Argo, and more. When writing in code, I write tech blogs and, recently, I've been hosting a tech podcast called Alexa's Input (AI). I'm also bookworm – I enjoy sharing my thoughts and recommendations on what I'm reading in blogs sometimes.

I'm all about embracing new challenges and learning along the way. Join me as I navigate this exciting tech journey!

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