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Hello, my name is Alexa Griffith. I am a Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg working on their Data Science Platform's Inference team. I work to build a platform for data scientists to deploy their models into production and get prediction (inference) results. I am a contributor and reviewer for both kserve/kserve and kserve/website projects. I'm from Tennessee, and I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in May, 2019. Previously, I was a Software Engineer on the Analytics Infrastructure team for Bluecore in New York City, where I worked for ~2.5 years. I worked on the Data Science Infrastructure team for ~1 year before moving to a newly created Analytics Infrastructure team to build an analytics pipeline. On Data Science Infrastructure, I aided the data scientists in running their models, and helped build/maintain our systems, like our recommendations service. On Analytics Infrastructure, I built out a new Go API that runs in Kubernetes, I worked on solving auth for our microservices that receive requests from the browser, and I have done a little work on our streaming platform. Before that, I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in May, 2019 with an honors degree in Chemistry and minor in Spanish. While at UTK, I did research in computational chemistry and interned at Oak Ridge National Lab. I've worked with Airflow, Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Golang, Python, Argo, and more! I enjoy my team and the exciting, challenging nature of my work. I write tech blogs about things I am working on or learning about, but recently I have been busy hosting a tech podcast called Alexa's Input (AI). I also love to read, and I even write about reading sometimes.

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